Unique dining experience at oceanfront Salalah restaurant

Unique dining experience at oceanfront Salalah restaurant

salalah restaurant

visitors who go to the Dhofar locale to appreciate the Khareef celebration, just as the individuals who live in Oman’s southern governorate, can make the most of its first oceanfront ‘cooking theater’, which will highlight a large group of cooking systems from 15 talented chefs.

With the support of Sheik Salim container Aufit Al Shanfari, Chairman of Dhofar Municipality, Oman Tourism Development Company (Omran), the official arm of the Sultanate for tourism development, and Crowne Plaza Resort Salalah launched Dhofar governorate’s first oceanfront ‘cooking theatre’ named ‘Ocean Blue Beach House’.

The first-of-its-kind restaurant in Salalah presents a global and interactive dining event. A five-tangible culinary travel experience dependent on various stage-managed techniques, for example, the wok, oven and grill stations, it offers ethnic and distinct cuisines from around the world with live show cooking themes.

Dolphin Terrazza’s identity will be strengthened by the location’s unique selling points of the open-air dining, the shisha lounge, the lush tropical gardens and ocean sunset views from the top. Overall, the oceanfront restaurant will boast 1,000sqm of culinary theatre with indoor, outdoor and rooftop options for guests.

The oceanfront Salalah restaurant, as per Manuel Levonian, General Manager, is set up for two eating states of mind and settings, offering every day menus with genuineness and quality, and will highlight dishes intelligent of neighborhood, Mediterranean, Levant and Southeast Asian cooking styles just as great Italian Pizzeria.s.

“We are extremely eager to present our much-anticipated Ocean Blue Beach House that will offer another and special feasting background in the city,” he said. “Our beachfront eatery is wanted to meet the hotel’s target of turning into the main eating goal in Dhofar and is considered to sustain a soul of warmth among visitors who offer a typical enthusiasm for feasting.”

Diminish Walichnowski, CEO of Omran stated, “We are satisfied to observe the development of Crowne Plaza Resort Salalah as an exceptional way of life goal for guests to Salalah. The new ‘Sea Blue Beach House’ cooking theater offers unmistakable culinary attractions for local people and expats in Dhofar offering a differentiated feasting knowledge with genuineness.”