In Southern Oman is Salalah, a destination sometimes known as the second city to Muscat. Salalah is known for its one of a kind Khareef (monsoon) celebration, in which the entire city diverts green and draws in guests from all around the globe. By and by, there is a whole other world to this awe-inspiring jewel regarding common excellence and structural miracle. Here are the best activities, and the most awe inspiring spots to visit in Salalah.

The city is the origination of the present Omani leader, Sultan Qaboos, and is situated in the Dhofar Governorate in southern Oman. It is the second biggest city in Oman, yet the greatest in Dhofar, and the greatest ocean port in the Arab Peninsula. From the north, the city is encompassed by a mountain extend that turns green with dynamite cascades amid the Khareef season. From the south, it has a long wonderful coast that is adorned with white sands.

Al Mughsail Beach:

Al Mughsail Beach is situated in Salalah in southern Oman. It has delightfully white sands, and completely clear waters. What adds to the beach’s magnificence is the green mountain that encompasses it and the regular wellsprings that burst out of its rough edge.

Sultan Qaboos Mosque:

Salalah additionally has a standout amongst the most well known Sultan Qaboos mosques in Oman. The mosque is situated in the downtown area and is a building wonder. It has two major arches, and two tall minarets, which are all white and ornamented with brilliant shapes. The mosque’s inside is adorned with excellent lamps, the dividers are engraved in interesting examples and the floor is secured with green carpets. Mirroring the awesome Omani engineering, the Sultan Qaboos Mosque is one of the must-visit attractions in Salalah.

Taqah Castle:

Taqah Castle is one of the most popular castles in the Dhofar Region, and one of the most beautiful in Oman. This castle was built to be the residential house of a tribal leader called Sheikh Ali bin Taman Al Ma’shani, who was the grandfather of the mother of Sultan Qaboos. The castle now has several museums that exhibit weapons and tools that were essential to the old Omani way of life. Between its architectural design, plantations and ancient contents, the castle is a unique place that must be included in a visit to Salalah. Don’t forget to wait for an unforgettable view of the sunset from the famous point in the castle.

Boat Trip:

Appreciate the precious stone waters of the Sea of Oman, and the encompassing lovely mountains and white sandy shorelines of Salalah through a trek in a neighborhood wooden Omani pontoon. Regardless of whether a short or long outing, a watercraft voyage will offer a one of a kind encounter, where you can unwind and watch the unadulterated regular excellence of Salalah and the Dhofar locale.

There are so many other things in Salalah which attracts the tourists.