Ras Al Jinz

A turtle reserve right at the easternmost tip of Oman is called Ras Al Jinz. Ras Al Jinz undoubtedly is one of top tourist attraction in Oman and it helps protect the sea turtles providing breathtaking natural landscapes and camping sites for the tourists as well. Summer time especially from May to October is a great time to see all the turtle nests along the beaches. You can even treat yourself to turtle egg hatching and their smaller versions sliding themselves into the sea.

A day trip from Muscat gets you to the turtle reserve and you can stay for as long as you want to check out other attractions on the reserve like the Turtle Visitor Center and Museum as well. The Turtle Reserve was built up by Royal Decree in 1996. The Ras Al Jinz Turtle Center, a genuinely eco-the travel industry venture, was built up in 2008 to help monitor the interesting and astonishing settling procedures of these mammoths of the marine turtle world.

While the Center can’t control the characteristic dangers to marine turtles, for example, fowls, crabs and fish going after the hatchlings or grown-up turtles being assaulted by sharks or foxes originating before on the eggs and hatchlings the Reserve, related to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs can instruct and control the human instigated dangers, for example,

  • Business reaping for turtle meat and shells
  • Loss of living space
  • Aggravation while settling
  • Litter/contamination, for example, plastic sacks and containers, glass bottles, soft drink
  • jars, tissues, angling line, rope and so on.
  • Tossing any junk into the ocean or onto the shoreline
  • Fake light, for example, streak photography and vehicle lights
  • Vehicles driving on shorelines

The middle behaviors guided journeys each night to see the turtles and witness the settling procedure. All the Center aides have a guarantee to the conservation of the turtle and are proficient.