Oman Tours

With natural geysers, vibrant coral reefs, soothing hot springs and mesmerising aquamarine wadis, Oman has been truly blessed by Mother nature. It is also home to the endangered Arabian Oryx and is one of only three places in the world where rare Greenback Turtle breed. The sight of thousand of baby Greenback Turtles scrambling into the water for the very first time is certainly one to behold.

Muscat City Tour

The tour begins by driving through beautiful diplomatic city route to visit Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, a splendor of unique islamic architecture. The tour continues to step in to fish market, traditional Muttrah Souk which well known forits silver craft shops, perfume and souvenir. Our next stop is Bait Al Zubair Museum with its wealth of information and exhibits on the country’s culture, tradition and hertitage. Tour continues to old Muscut for photo stop His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Palace, Qasr Al Alam and 16th  century Portuguese fort Mirani and Jalali.
Price : GBP 117 (Museum entry charges extra) Max 4 Pax (additional Passengers GBP 19.5)
Dress code: Ladies for long trousers or skrits, long sleeves and a head scarf. No shorts for men.(English speaking driver cum guide)

Wahaiba Sand &Wadi Bani Khalid(Desert Discovery)

Your tours begins with mountains passing through the Sumail gap.Journey countinues to the Wahaiba Sands,a romantic desert with rolling sand and dunes.this is the traditional home of the Bedouin who knows how to survive in these harsh desert conditions.experience an exciting dune drive and your invited to meet a Bedouin family .there is the option to arrange camel ride if required. Your journey continues to Waddi Bani Khalid.Enjoy a gentle walk along the river bed and cool down in the crystal clear waters of the rock pools of omans one of the largest and most picturesque wadis..

Wadi Bani Auf Tour

One way  drive long west of Muscat to the magnificent Nakkal Fort which is perched on a rocky outcrop of the western Hajar Mountains. The old village of Nakkal leads to the famous hot springs situated at the end of an attractive oasis. Relax beside the shallow waters of the springs surrounded by lush green date plantations and steep mountain peaks .After spending Nakkal we continue to an amazing drive through Wadi Bani Auf brings you to the base of the north face of Jebel shams, and the beautiful village of Bilad Sayt, hidden between the mountains.

Price: GBP 312 Max 4 Pax (Additional Passengers GBP 49)
Included: Picnic lunch box(English speaking driver cum guide)

Wadi Shab Tour

Sur road offers breathtaking glimpses of the blue water of the gulf of Oman offset by pristine white beaches driving through Quriyat a very large fishing village. Visit Bimah Sinkhole, a spectacular.Lime stone crater with blue green water at the bottom. Continue your drive to wadi shaab, a shallow green pools and abundant shade give Wadi Shaab a perfect setting for picnic. You may take a long walk inside the wadi to some pools of clear water for swimming

Price : GBP 254 Max 4 Pax(Additional Passengers GBP 49)
Included : Picnic lunch box (English speaking driver cum guide)

Nizwa/Jebel Shams-Grand Canyon

Enjoy a great day out driving through the fascinating Hajar mountains. Visit Nizwa the ancient capital of Oman with its fascinating souk and impressive 17th century fort which provides stunning views from its tower. your tour continues to Al Hamra one of the last loam villages in Oman and you head up to Jebel Shams; ‘sun Mountain” Oman’s highest peak nearly 3000 meters .at the upper reaches of the mountain is the ‘Grand Canyon ‘which provides breath taking views down to its floor. Feel the cooler climate on top of the canyon.

Price: GBP 254
Max 4 Pax (Additional Passengers GBP 49)
Included: Picnic lunch box and Fort entry
(English speaking driver cum guide)

Optional; you can be added al Hoota Caves tunnel which leads to an enormous sub terranean chamber and large underground lake home to a rare species of blind fish

Additional charges: Per persons GBP 19.5,(included entry fee)