Oman Aviation Group launched revamped brand identity

Oman Aviation Group launched revamped brand identity

Oman Aviation Group has officially unveiled its brand strategy, new logo and vision for the future. The gathering, which leads Oman‘s flight industry, will make a solid connection between flying, the tourism industry and coordinations, and intends to draw in remote venture as it positions itself as a key driver of non-oil development in Oman’s future vision. Oman Aviation Group also plans to make the Sultanate a key aviation hub for the GCC region.

The brand was formally propelled under the support of Darwish canister Ismail Al Balushi, Minister for Financial Affairs, and Ahmed receptacle Mohammed Al Futaisi, Minister of Transport and Communication and executive of the gathering.

Conversing with Times of Oman at the official function, Mustafa canister Mohamed Al Hinai, Chief Executive Officer at Oman Aviation gathering, stated: “It is a visual personality that we have disclosed today that demonstrates a dedication of Oman Aviation Group and its kin towards the eventual fate of Oman. In any case, our principle responsibility behind it is that we are opening the capability of touristic and strategic areas in the nation as the avionics part will keep on being the empowering influence of these divisions. These are the center components behind the visual personality yet the internal estimation of the character is a lot greater.”

The move comes as part of the group’s efforts to highlight Oman’s emerging significance on the global stage and broaden its appeal as a first-class destination for tourism and investment.Talking about the achievements of the national airlines, Al Hinai said that both Oman Air and SalamAir are key drivers and growing strong.

Oman will keep on being truly economical in its air traffic. Our methodology is to have dependable visitors to the nation. Our potential is to have high return travelers. Taking a gander at the cordiality part in Oman, I trust such a large number of designers who have begun fabricating new lodgings and presenting new encounters. We have seen new shopping centers in the city which have changed the experience of the natives in the nation. I think as long as we have more exercises in the city and furthermore the remote territories, that will bring more groups. What we require today is the unmistakable advancement procedure to advance every one of these benefits, encounters and qualities, Al Hinai included.